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Why Us ?

MyCeiling Private Limited is one of the pioneer companies of SmartCeiling manufacturer in India. Our manufacturing unit and corporate office are based out in Bangalore (Karnataka).We provide a dazzling array of next generation ready-to-fit smart ceilings that are tech driven and easy to install.You can also shop our products online and offline from a number of leading home décor brands, architects, interior designers & light showrooms across Indian cities.

False ceiling is more of an added flavor and lighting is more of a need when we think of those for our space whether workplace or home. We started MyCeiling with the idea of standardizing the false ceiling & lighting market, giving a hassle free experience to people. Instant order placing, ready-to-fit, home delivered in assembled form, selection of lights, stock keeping of ready products with design customization option and quick 45min installation at ones place are some of the “never seen before” features we introduced first in this market place.

If you believe your place should tell the story of who you’re, we’ll be the perfect place to shop at.


How about having fan, false ceiling, music system, home automation kits all in one product? Sounds magical right. That’s why we call it tech driven Smart Ceiling. MyCeiling is the future of home décor.

With “Make in India” spirit in our heart we aim towards making a leading Indian company in home & corporate décor market (market size $35 billion market) to offer Smart Ceiling products. People are switching to online shopping losing their patience to wait for long at stores/showrooms, concerned about branded quality product and a hassle free experience. They want everything at a place rather than purchasing multiple products from multiple vendors. Reading this behavior of customers we add another innovative feature to our product launch restricting the competition with IPR.

Eco-system in Home décor

We believe in maintaining the balance in the eco-system of a market, not in disrupting it. The existing market has manufacturers, franchise owners, distributers, retailers and customers. If we hold the power of innovation we also remember our responsibility to use it wisely. We designed our business model in such a way that everyone in the existing market gets business when we offer our innovative products. We look forward to have 500+ MyCeilingretailers across India and offer both medium and premium price products to make it affordable to every homeowner (whether existing home or new one) in next 2 years.

Unlocking new market segment

$15 billion market of home décor in India is only about new home owners whereas our target is quite big. Our targeted existing homes are 100 times bigger. Our products are a must have for commercial décor market which is a huge add on to our targeted audience. So when you see the bigger picture it’s actually $60 billion market which we are aiming in India. Global market is multiple times of Indian market. We are about to create $1.5 billion company in next 5 years creating more job opportunities to the upcoming youth who are capable to bring a revolutionary change in the coming future.

Incredible Team