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Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Ceiling basically means a plug & play ceiling product (potential substitute for false ceiling) whose functionality can be controlled over phone. MyCeiling first launched it’s ready-to-fit finished ceiling product which can be operated using wall switches as well as IR remote. Now it’s coming up with app based controller. Designer ceiling-lighting-fan : a multifunctional product is always smarter.

Product structure is made of thin GI sheet (galvanized iron) with powder coating finish (white-semi gloss). Design pattern made of imported PVC sheet (which blocks light). Pvc sheet later above light source. LED light fitting within product which has power cable connection point at centre. During installation the power cables are connected at centre and closed with cap to leave product sealed, safe from insect penetration. RGB led used in cove light comes with IR (infra red) remote and is also compatible with home automation system.

  • Designing to execution of false ceiling takes weeks.
  • Dust intensive work at site which blocks your fore front of interior work progress. Carpentry work and paint polish work generally starts only once false ceiling work is completed.
  • Brands supply only raw material, not finished products. Hence warranty is taken care by contractors.
  • Quality and finish is major concern here.
  • Price calculation is not standard and varies vendor to vendor, hence there is no assurance for the right quality of raw materials being used.
  • Traditional offline process with time-consuming labour-based work at site.

MyCeiling offers finished products which are plug & play in nature, mass manufactured at factory. It is categorized under ceiling panel light hence square feet rate is not applicable. It’s similar to purchasing a décor light or home electronic product.

First of all MyCeiling design patterns cannot be made out of gypsum sheets completely so comparison with gypsum ceiling rates of Rs50-70/ sqft is not applicable. Remember- gypsum or pop work, putty & paint work, electrical work with light fittings altogether cost you Rs 120-150/sft at the end when you do reverse calculation. Similar products can be made with gypsum sheet frame structure with wooden CNC jali sheet at centre or completely wooden structure.

Price Comparision:-

6x4ft MyCeiling product with single lighting    (price Rs. 25,000 & weight 26kgs) takes 45 mins at site

6x4ft Completely wooden CNC jali product     (price Rs. 15-20,000 & weight 40-50kgs) 2 days

6x4ft Pop structure with wooden CNC jali     (price Rs. 13-15,000 & weight 30-40kgs) 2 weeks

1.  PLUG&PLAY product: as substitute for gypsum false ceiling.








STEP 1. Select PRODUCT type

STEP 2. Select SIZE



Get instant price. Place order.

Home delivered in 3-10days depending on city.

Installation by local electrician or carpenter in 45-60 minutes using easy installation manual.

Since overall structure is made of metal, it can be fixed locally (taken care by client) with the help of painter/electrician/vendor. Client can click snaps of damaged portion and share with MyCeiling if the damage cannot be repaired locally. For damage to light diffuser sheet (pvc sheet at centre) or design pattern part, it needs complete replacement of both of it as they are single fused entity (can't be repaired) with its incurred cost of component, service charges and transportation cost. For damage of metal structure, it can't be replaced.

MyCeiling offers products in standard sizes hence size customization is not possible. You can request for design customization where you need to share reference design image of your choice. MyCeiling provides you few designs similar to your reference image and you can make selection.

Client need to ensure feasibility of installation at selected ceiling spot at site. AC duct passage, beam passage resulting in uneven ceiling level, un-drill-able spot, existing pop/gypsum ceiling, wiring provision, wall switches availability as per product light selection (in case of dual lighting you need two wall switches with two set of power cables at product ceiling spot): these are the factors need to be examined before purchasing MyCeiling product. You can get free consultation from team MyCeiling who will guide, support and communicate online to help you out.

10 years warranty on product and 2 years warranty on led lights. For any issues within warranty period, service person visits site after complaint registered and to be checked within a week to rectify. When warranty period is over and there be any problem in led light then it can be taken care by the brand (with payable incurred cost of led light component and service charges) as standard led light fittings are used, easily available in market. Places where we cannot reach, we provide delivery on the needed component which can be fixed easily by any local electrician.

CASE OF MANUFACTURING DEFECT: One can cancel the order demanding refund or new same product.

CASE OF DAMAGE DURING SHIPPING OR BY CLIENT: Components to be replaced by MyCeiling with incurred cost if damaged while at customer’s place/by customer’s vendor side with appropriate timeline communicated by MyCeiling.

CASE OF DELAY: Order can be cancelled for delay more than 7 days. We always try our best to arrive early within promised timeline.

CASE OF CHANGE OF MIND: we understand that a customer may change mind and decide to cancel the order for some personal reasons. Its applicable till 72hrs before dispatch date. 50% of product value can be reimbursed. Once after processing refund, case is closed and customer cannot demand for same order agreeing to pay rest 50%. He/she needs to place a new fresh order with new timeline and complete price.