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Frequently Asked Questions

My Ceiling is not just any other false Ceiling, its Ready to use fit product comes with warranty and is dust free, insect free, industrial standard product.

MyCeiling product is made of thin metal sheet with powder coating (not paint finish) which is manufactured at factory.

There is no assembling required as it's a ready-to-fit product. It is re-locatable and re-sellable. There is RGB LED light (remote operated) inside which can be easily accessed when needed due to innovative product structure.Similar products which might have seen in market are custom-made/manually finished. It takes long time and there is no warranty covered by a brand as such. They use material like POP,Gypsum board, wooden material and paint or polish finish. Once its completed you can not relocate or resell it. It wont be easily accessible in case of any light-fixture issue.

Also they charge higher than our offered price for such product.

Such products are always manual work done at site where the quality and finishing of work depends on a labor (which everyone has seen clearly). Even if you get branded quality wood or gypsum material, who gives you warranty on the end product? A contractor or a labor (a brand won't be there for you)

Cracks or loop in such work is common over period of time which is mainly due to workman-ship (not branded material). What if they have not even used branded material and used a mix of branded and local items? Overtime you may find pest inside you product as well. At last when you find issues you can't do anything.

30years warranty on product. The way it's designed and manufactured it has no chance of bending or crack, fungus,pest etc. It requires no maintenance.

2 years warranty on its light fixture. If there be any light replacement required (anywhere in India) within 2 years it will be covered by MyCeiling. Incase there be any issue in light fixture after 2 years one can order such light set online and can get it replaced by any electrician.

Yes . You can provide your choice of design pattern which comes at the central part of the product (although the product structure and dimension particulars remains same).There is no limitation of order quantity. You can order for one unit of product for a given design pattern.

NOTE: Design pattern is that part of the product which comes at centre like floral design pattern or circular/triangular design pattern. Product structure remains constant ie the square/rectangular shape of product with 4.5inches of frame is constant. Only centre part pattern can be changed.