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Why Invest

  • The core strength of MyCeiling is its well-defined business plan & scalable business model. A completely asset light model with its ability to expand globally.

  • A capable and experienced team with required managerial skills, nice chemistry and a worthy prior experience in respective domains.

  • “Bigger market is better” - combined 5 market segments ranging from home automation, lighting, ceiling, home theater system and other home appliances with combined Indian market value of 10 Bn $.

  • Steady commercial traction with remarkable jump with new product launch justifying the demand of our cutting-edge concepts.

  • Well defined exit strategy for investors.

Investor FAQ

MyCeiling manufactures unique ceiling products which are plug&play and can be ordered online within minutes. Our targeted market is “false ceiling-lighting-fan-smart home kits” segments of home décor market being multifunctional in nature.

The most fragmented segment of home décor is false ceiling which is completely offline process. From design selection to execution it is labour intensive, time consuming, dust oriented site work where this has been least explored & most painful zone for end users as well as for service providers. MyCeiling is the aggregator in this field to solve this problem by providing plug&play mass-manufactured finished products. It take few minutes to place order due to standardized product and process, home-delivered and instant installation infront on end users in minutes- this makes it preferable. Being multifunctional, we have explored the lighting market segments too. We have enabled huge size design light panels with customization option whether its “design pattern” or “light system”. This is the uniqueness which designers as well as end users needed the most.
Moving forward our multifunctional features like fan, home theatre system, smart control system is going to make it “must-have” component of every home interior project.

As we target multiple market segments, namely:

False ceiling $2 Bn
Lighting $2.5 Bn
Home automation $2 Bn
Home theatre system $1.2 Bn
Fan $1.4 Bn

Combined Indian market value $9 Bn

Being an innovator & first mover with multifunctional unique product line, we don’t have any real competitors at present. Even though there are leading market players in each segments and in near future they may become our competitor.
False Ceiling: Gyproc by Saint Gobain
Lighting: Philips
Fan: Havells
Home automation: Schneider electric
Home theatre system: JBL

Ceiling segment is the least explored zone where the dominating market players are not facing any competition in terms of innovation hence they have not felt the need to explore it. As its more about the production and not just front end application hence today’s tech startups are also not able to evaluate this market. MyCeiling understood this long back and built a strong product-foundation first and now exploring the front end (user interface) accordingly. Lighting market recently became online but it has very limited scope in terms of design selection and lighting type, which people want for their unique interior. MyCeiling offers wide range of designs, various sizes and light type selection, which makes it a perfect match!

With our new products we are diversifying our productline as well as working on its tech-support system to make it completely online and tech driven company. Smart products with compact home automation system & multifunctional electronics are next important subjects we are working on. Our vision is to turn every home into smart home with space saving multifunctional smart products. What use to take weeks, we have turned them in to days. Now we want to make it count into hours.
“Online, hassle free and instant”.

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